Corporate Social Responsibility

At Lifetime Solutions, we believe that everyone has the responsibility of playing a role to enhance the society around them through actions, words or both. We’ve committed ourselves to embrace responsibility for our actions and to encourage a positive impact through various activities on our environment, consumers, employees, stakeholders and community at large.

Over the years we’ve built a diverse portfolio, contributing to the fields of Sport, Art, Culture, Healthcare, Education and Community Development, and we aim to continue along this path for the betterment of our society.

  • In 2014, the Inter School Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship (ISIVCFTT) were in the process of erecting an auditorium and dining hall for its members. Lifetime Solutions had the privilege of contributing to this cause by donating roofing material for the building which supports young Christian youths.
  • Lifetime Solutions partnered with the non-profit organization, Habitat for Humanity, to donate roofing material for a house being built for a family of three.
  • Lifetime Solutions got involved in the sporting sector where proudly sponsored participants for various sports of football, golf and triathlon.
  • The TTCA held their 6th Annual Coral Cup Classic Golf Tournament in which Lifetime Solutions sponsored a team. Proceeds from this event were donated to the NGO Raffa House which houses and cares for abandoned and abused children.
  • Lifetime Solutions partnered with the Living Water Community to donate professional business uniforms to the underprivileged.
  • Being a multi-cultural society, there are many religious celebrations that take place throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Lifetime Solutions was pleased to have contributed to the annual Youth Ramayana Yagna.
  • In a bid to do our part on raising awareness and supporting the cause, the ladies of Lifetime Solutions came out in their pink Lifetime T-shirts and participated at the Scotiabank Women against Breast Cancer 5K in both 2013 and 2014.
  • Lifetime Solutions contributed to the Arima Green Mountain marathon which is held annually on Republic Day. The event is hosted by the Arima Member of Parliament and consists of a 26.2 mile marathon as well as a 5 mile race.
  • Lifetime is proud to have contributed to other members of the public in need of roofing material and various local charities to give back to the community.

In June 2014, Lifetime Solutions donated an S 2000 Standing Seam Roof for the Inter School/Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship's new auditorium and dining hall. This group is dedicated to directing the young persons of our nation to a productive and fulfilling life to which we, at Lifetime, support. For more information on the ISIVCFtt, visit their page here.

Standing Seam Roof donated by Lifetime Solutions to the Inter School/Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship in June 2014. Employees of this organization standing proudly in front their newly installed Lifetime roof!