Lifetime Roofing Ltd was established in 1985 specializing in the manufacture and installation of roofing products for both steep slope and flat roof applications . The company expanded over the years to provide downstream products associated with roofing such as guttering, insulation, framing, soffits and steel fabrication. Lifetime has become a name synonymous with quality roofing products and service providing the roofing industry with innovative architectural and structural roofing systems utilizing leading edge technology.

In 1992 Lifetime embarked on manufacturing its own line of roofing panel utilizing a revolutionary new concept onsite roll forming where Lifetime fabricates a proven standing seam product onsite much to the delight of architects, owners and specifies. The company gained recognition by winning the Metal Re-roofing Project award in 1993 and the Residential Roofing Project award in 1998. Lifetime’s products and services can be found throughout Trinidad and Tobago, as far south as Guyana and as far north as Puerto Rico and St. Thomas.

In 2012, Lifetime Roofing Ltd. acquired TARMET (Trinidad Asphalt & Metal Roofing Ltd), a leading business in flat roof waterproofing with over 30 years of experience. With these two strong portfolios coming together, the companies rebranded itself as Lifetime Solutions to become the experts in both metal roofing and flat roof waterproofing in Trinidad and the Caribbean.

In 2013, Lifetime Solutions was awarded TTCA Contractor of the Year Award 2013 for its Specialty Roofing Work on Renaissance at Shorelands in Trinidad. This project required the design and installation of six different specialized roofing and waterproofing systems.




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