Structural Panel Systems

R-Panel System

Lifetime “R” Panel roof is an economical alternative. It is also known as the Traditional Trapezoid Roof System. The 42-inch wide panels come in continuous lengths up to 50 feet. Our “R” Panels are made of steel and aluminum, and there is a choice of finishes: Prepainted Material, Silicone Polyester and Galvalume (Aluzinc).

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Materials and Finishes

  • 24ga
  • 0.032 Aluminum / .040 Aluminum
  • 24ga Galvalume Conforming To ASTM – 791, 80 KSI With Baked-on Perma Colour 2000 70% Kynar 500 In All Standard Colours Kynar 500 Paint Finish Carries A Full 10 Year Guarantee And Comprises Of 0.8 To 0.9 Full Strength 70% Kynar 500 Fluorocarbon (Polyvinylidene Fluoride – PVF2 Coating Over An Epoxy Primer And Wash Coat On Reverse Side. Face Film Thickness 1.0 and 0.2
  • Substrate: zincalume g300 az 150, 24ga, 26ga pretreatment: corrosion resistant property conversion coating.
    • Primer cost: corrosion inhibitor primer. Normal thickness 5um each side custom formulated snow gun green.
  • Finish coat: custom formulated system. Normal thickness 20 um on the top or weather side.
  • The finish coat is available in several standard colours. On special request the finish coat can be applied to both sides to provide a ‘double sided’ product. With appropriate lead time provided specially required colours may be available.
  • Gloss: normal 25% (60°). Other gloss levels may be available on request.
  • 24ga and 26ga galvalume conforming to ASTM-791, 80 KSI which is bonded to the steel by a continuos hot dipping process, offering greater corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidization resistance and heat reflectivity.
  • Wide 42” coverage
  • Versatile, roofing, wall, soffit, faxcia or mansards
  • Easy installation
  • Continuous length panels – up to 40”
  • Economical
  • Panel Width: 43”
  • Effective Cover: 41”
  • Minimum Slope: 15 Degrees
  • Fastening System: the panel to panel and panel to steel / wood connection to be with a no. 12 – 14 self drilling fastener with a high quality neoprene washer. The panel to panel connection requires a 1 1/2“ minimum fastener.
  • Gauges: 24, 26, 28
  • Finishes: polyester, PVF 2, Mill Finish, 70% Kynar 500
  • Colours: see our colour guide for our complete selection.
  • Lengths: the panels are factory formed to a maximum length of 60”
  • Install panels in such a manner that horizontal lines are true and level and vertical lines are plumb.
  • Attach panels using manufacturer’s standard fasteners, spaced in accordance with approved shop drawings.
  • Install sealants for performed roofing panels as in approved shop drawings.
  • Do not allow panels or trim to come into contact with dissimilar materials.
  • Protect installed roof panels and trims from damage caused by adjacent construction until completion of installation.

Colours Available

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Due to the limitation of digital rendering processes, this color chart is not an accurate representation of our actual colors. Sample chips are available on request at no charge.