Structural Panel Systems

Standing Seam System

Lifetime Series 2000 1 ¾” High Structural & Architectural Snap Lock Standing Seam.

One of Lifetime’s most popular systems, the Series 2000 integral snap-lock panel system combines architectural versatility—for cleanly detailed, continuous seam transitions from roof to mansard, fascia, wall panel or soffit—with the dramatically increased spanning and uplift capabilities of a structural system.

The panel design secures the male interlock hem into the female leg continuously, lending structural characteristics to apply it over purlins. The panel is secured to the purlins or substrate by clips allowing for unrestricted thermal movement; all fasteners are concealed; the clip design provides for a 1/4” clearance between the flat surface of the panel and the substrate, allowing ventilation underneath. Optional sealant assures greater water-tightness. Installation is a snap; no labor intense mechanical seaming: just secure the male leg with clips and snap the panels in place.

Standing Seam Profile

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Materials and Finishes

  • Base Material: 24ga, and 26ga steel and .032 aluminum.
  • .032 aluminum alloy 3105-414 with baked on PermaColor 2000 Kynar in all standard colours.
  • Prepainted Metal
    • 24ga Galvalume Conforming To ASTM – 791, 80 KSI With Baked-on Perma Colour 2000 70% Kynar 500 In All Standard Colours Kynar 500 Paint Finish Carries A Full 10 Year Guarantee And Comprises Of 0.8 To 0.9
    • Full Strength 70% Kynar 500 Fluorocarbon (Polyvinylidene Fluoride – PVF2 Coating Over An Epoxy Primer And Wash Coat On Reverse Side. Face Film Thickness 1.0 and 0.2
  • Substrate: zincalume G300 AZ 150, 24ga, 26ga
  • Presentment: corrosion resistant property conversion coating.
  • Primer Coat: corrosion inhibitive primer. Normal thickness 5um each side custom formulated snow gun green.
  • Finish Coat: custom formulated system. Normal thickness 20 um on the top or weather side. The finish coat is available in several standard colours. On special request the finish coat can be applied to both sides to provide a 'double sided' product. With appropriate lead time provided specially required colours may be available.
  • Gloss: Normal 25% (60°). Other gloss levels may be available on request.
  • 24ga and 26ga galvalume conforming to ASTM-791, 80 KSI which is bonded to the steel by a continuous hot dipping process, offering greater corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidization resistance and heat reflectivity.
  • All exposed flashings shall be formed in same guage, finish, colour and texture matching the panels. See Construction details over.
As an integrated roofing system, Series 2000 1 3/4″ high Structural Snap Lock panels may be installed on low slopes, over purlins or solid deck. Series 2000 panels may also be installed over rigid insulation, with clips and bearing plates.
  • Medium duty for residential, commercial and industrial use
  • 3”/12” minimum slope
  • Can be installed over a solid deck or open framing
  • Requires seam sealant if air and water tests are specified
  • Engineering available for various panel sizes and substrates upon request
  • 26, 24 and 22 guage steel
  • 0.032” and 0.040” aluminum
  • Galvalume Plus® — 25-year steel warranty on acrylic coated Galvalume®
  • PermaColor 2000 — 30-year steel or aluminum warranty on Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® coating.
  • PermaMetallic 2000 — 20-year steel or aluminum warranty on Kynar 500®/ Hylar 5000® coating.
  • Siliconized Modified Polyester — 15-year steel or aluminum coating warranty
  • UL-90 rated over 22 guage metal deck at 18” wide with clips at 48” o.c. (24 ga. steel)
  • UL-90 rated over 16 guage purlins at 18” wide with clips at 48” o.c. (24 ga. steel)
  • ASTM-E-1646-95 and ASTM-E-331 water penetration tested ASTM-E-1680-95 and ASTM-E-283 air infiltration tested
  • ASTM-E-1592-98 and ASTM-E-330 uplift tested (24 ga. steel)
  • ASTM-E-84 Class A fire rating on coating and substrate
  • Metro-Dade County certified, acceptance no. 01-0213.01 (metal deck)
  • Metro-Dade County certified, acceptance no. 01-0420.01 (wood deck)

Colours Available

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Due to the limitation of digital rendering processes, this color chart is not an accurate representation of our actual colors. Sample chips are available on request at no charge.