Z & C Purlins

Purlins provide structural support for roofing. Lifetime Solutions offer C and Z Purlins made with cold formed steel. The zinc coating offers high corrosion resistance and also eliminates the need for painting the purlins. Our base metal conforms to ASTM A653M quality standards to ensure a product that lasts. Available in both 1.2mm and 1.5mm gauges, we offer 4”, 6” and 8” sizes in 6m lengths which can be custom sized upon request.

The following table is provided to assist in the use and initial selection of Lifetime Solutions cold formed Cee and Zee structural members. The appropriate use of this information to select members to meet specific design requirements requires a knowledge of structural design principles. The information contained herein is believed to be correct and accurate and is intended for general use only. It should not be used for any specific application without being reviewed by a registered professional in this field. Lifetime Solutions does not accept responsibility for the selection as a result of the use or misuse of the attached tables.


Decking serves both as a permanent form and positive reinforcement in a building’s structure. It has a ribbed profile designed to interlock with concrete slabs and has a variety of uses from multi-storey buildings to walkways. Lifetime Solutions sells decking available in a 0.96mm thicknesses and 27” wide.

Copper Gallery

Custom Copper Work

Lifetime Solutions also specializes in custom copper work including:





Copper roofs are not very common for residential homes, but are growing in popularity. Copper is one of the more expensive metals, but is quite beautiful. Many homeowners like how copper roofs slowly change in color from a shiny orange-red to bronze into an aged mint green after several years. This natural oxidation process produces the layer of green called patina and is considered part of the metal’s natural beauty.


This versatile and portable TurboShear fits a drill you already own to make easy cross cuts, fast lengthwise cuts, even circles and square outlet cuts, in large or small pattern corrugated metal roofing and most other non-standing-seam metal roofing and building panels including trapezoidal box patterns.

Elongated blades with compact jaws create a 75-degree offset so that the drill is held at a nearly vertical approach when starting a cut. This steep offset allows the drill handle or battery pack to tip down slightly and still clear the roofing panel surface as the shear head follows the rising angle of a corrugated or trapezoidal profile. Cutting capacity is rated for 30 to 24-Ga. (0.31 – 0.61 mm) metal roofing, including layered seams. Long lasting blades are also easily replaceable.

Malco TSCM Corrugated Metal Cutting Tool

Additional Detials here:

Malco Tools

DeWALT is a worldwide brand of power tools for the construction, manufacturing and woodworking industries. For almost 80 years, DEWALT has earned a reputation for designing, engineering and building tough industrial machinery. In 1923, Raymond DEWALT invented the radial arm saw that for decades continued to set the standard for quality and durability. It was the start of our long-lasting reputation among professional craftsmen: tough, powerful, precise, rugged and reliable. This is why Lifetime Solutions utilize and trust these tools with our contracting.

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Safety Equipment Gallery

Safety Equipment

Lifetime Solutions offers top of the line roof safety equipment including fall protection anchorage, roofer safety kits and safety harnesses for roofing. We are fall protection preventers and guarantee only the best fall protection for roofers. Ensure safety in the work site by choosing Lifetime Solutions to supply for all of your fall protection and safety equipment needs.

Screws Clips & Fasteners

Lifetime Solutions carry a wide range of roofing screws fasteners.


Zip white gutter screw
3/4 inch sharp point wood
3 inch x 9 wood screw with washer
2 inch x 9 wood screw with washer
1 inch wood screw
1 inch pancake wood screw


HPS fastener
A roof clip tee-panel
A roof clip S2000 3
A roof clip S2000 2
1 inch x 1/8 aluminum rivets white
1 inch x 3/16 large flange screw
1 inch x 3/16 aluminum rivet


Half inch PPH screw
3/4 x 12 sharp pt stitch with washer
3 inch steel screw
3 inch x 5 torpedo screw
2 inch steel screw
1 inch x 10 pancake steel screw
1 inch x 12 steel screw with washer
1 inch torpedo screw
1 inch pancake steel screw


DECRA sable eclipse 1.5 inch screw
DECRA wood screw

Buildex M6 x 2 inch roof zip screw
Buildex M6 1 inch roof zip screw
Buildex 8 1.8 x 1/2 inch
2 inch buildex roof zip screw
1 inch buildex roof zip screw


Geocel 2300 sealant

Professional construction tripolymer sealant.

CARB VOC compliant

Adheres to wet or oily surfaces

Stays flexible - will not crack

Ultraviolet resistance

Applies in any temperature

Paintable - contains no silicone

50-year service life

Available in crystal clear, colours, and specially designed metal roof colours.

Excellent adhesion to most building materials including painted metal





Built-up Roofing (BUR)

Concrete (poured, block)



Galvanized Steel

Masonry (Brick, Stone)


Sheet Metal (HVAC)



Coated Steel (Kynar, painted)

Siding Applications






Fiber Cement

Roofing Applications



Leak Repair

Roof Projections

Roof Seams

Screw Heads

Skylight Frames

Termination Points



Application temperature: -40 to +60 С

Service temperature: -40 to +82 С

Guaranteed service life: 50 years

Packaging: 305 ml.

Cure (12.5 mm х 12.5 mm bead): 5 days

Geocel 2300 Sealant Demo