Custom Fabrication

Lifetime Solutions is always on the forefront of the most complex jobs. We stay up to date with international standards and new products and so can provide architects, engineers and contractors with custom designs, profiles and installation methods. Lifetime Solutions will do what it takes to meet projects specifications.

Steel Framing

Light Gauge Steel

Light gauge steel framing has become increasingly popular for the residential market, replacing roof frames and heavier res-iron. Lifetime Solutions offers skilled engineering and fabrication.

Red Iron Steel

Red Iron is considered a heavy gauge steel. It is frequently used in commercial applications. Where, I-Beams are used as the main rafters the spans are longer and require Heavier load carrying capacities. Lifetime Solutions can engineer your building to meet the required specifications.


Wood framing is the method of creating structures utilizing heavy timbers. The use of timber framing in buildings offers various aesthetic benefits, not to mention, the ease and speed of erection.

Roofing Installation

Lifetime Solutions Offers a complete Supply And Install Service. After calling us we will measure and quote your roof, guiding you along the way to meet your needs and budget. We work to give you the best within your means.

Our company stands behind our work and will never leave a job until the customer is totally satisfied. All Installed jobs are warranted for 1 year. And we pledge to always return if any problems arise after completion.

Lifetime Solutions Installers are trained and experienced to identify and solve leaks on any roof system. We also repair Roofs that aren’t ours.

Robert Costelloe, founder and director of Lifetime Solutions has been installing Roofs since 1983. He has passed his invaluable experience and knowledge on to all of our Fabricators, Installers, Supervisors and Contracts Managers.

Lifetime Solutions staff and field workers have been recognized as the most experienced, skilled and dedicated Roofers in the industry. The company is committed to continuing their development through training and seminars. As we evolve to meet new demands our installers become more and more capable of handling the most intricate details, biggest jobs, and solving any problem.

You can trust your roof to us.

Lifetime Solutions Roofing Installation

On Site Roll Forming

Lifetime Solutions has become known for their capability to roll form Standing Seam, Bermuda Tile, Curved Tee Panel and Gutter on-site at any location regionally. This allows us to supply our clients with full length panel, no joining necessary. It also eliminates the possibility of materials being damaged during transportation.

Lifetime Roofing Maintenance & Service Division Gallery

Lifetime Roofing Maintenance & Service Division

Lifetime Solutions has a team dedicated to servicing its clients who require maintenance work to their roof. With 24 hour response time, our team will contact you to arrange a site visit and provide a quotation. We offer offsite payment options, professional and friendly service and 30 years of roofing expertise. When it comes to servicing your roof, it’s important to use a trusted roofing company who can locate the problem and repair it quickly.

Some of our services include:

Roof Leak Repairs

Roof re-painting and cleaning

Gutter Cleaning & replacement

Soffit cleaning & replacement

Skylight cleaning

Membrane & silicone patching

Repair consultation

Quick response time

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