Roofing Installation

Lifetime Solutions offers a complete supply And install service. After calling us we will measure and quote your roof, guiding you along the way to meet your needs and budget. We work to give you the best within your means.

Our company stands behind our work and will never leave a job until the customer is totally satisfied. All Installed jobs are warranted for 1 year. And we pledge to always return if any problems arise after completion.

Lifetime Solutions Installers are trained and experienced to identify and solve leaks on any roof system. We also repair Roofs that aren’t ours.

Robert Costelloe, founder and director of Lifetime Solutions has been installing Roofs since 1983. He has passed his invaluable experience and knowledge on to all of our Fabricators, Installers, Supervisors and Contracts Managers.

Lifetime Solutions staff and field workers have been recognized as the most experienced, skilled and dedicated Roofers in the industry. The company is committed to continuing their development through training and seminars. As we evolve to meet new demands our installers become more and more capable of handling the most intricate details, biggest jobs, and solving any problem.

You can trust your roof to us.

Lifetime Solutions Roofing Installation